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About Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection of PRC


Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection of PRC is under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Public Security and among the ranks of People's Police.

The history of Shanghai Immigration Inspection can be traced back to January 4, 1952, when East China Military and Political Committee, PRC established Shanghai Frontier Inspection Station responsible for border control of Shanghai ports, which marks the ending of the history of "border without control" in Shanghai. During the development of nearly half a century, Shanghai Immigration Inspection had been successively under the jurisdictions of armed force, PLA, and PAP, etc. On July 3, 1998, Shanghai Immigration Inspection was changed from the Armed Police system to the People's police system, in accordance with the "Official Reply of the State Council on the Pilot Reform Program of Professionalizing Immigration Inspection in 9 Cities Including Beijing ([1997] No. 76). Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection is of bureau level. The administrative branches are General Office, Political Affairs Division, Supervision Division, Logistics Division, Immigration Inspection Division and Technical Support Division. Its subordinate stations are Shanghai Airport, Pujiang, Jinshan, Wusong, Waigaoqiao, Shanghai Railway, Hongqiao, Yangshan, Chongming Immigration Inspection Station respectively, among which Shanghai Airport Immigration Inspection Station is of deputy-bureau level while other eight are of division-level. The 9 stations listed above undertake all the immigration inspection tasks in Shanghai international airports, seaports and Shanghai Railway Station.

In order to safeguard the sovereignty of the State and maintain its security and social order, Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection exercises the following functions:

1. carrying out frontier inspection on persons leaving or entering the country and their luggage, and on means of transportation leaving or entering the country and their freight;
2. exercising supervision on means of transportation leaving or entering the country in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State;
3. guarding restricted areas in ports and maintaining the order of exit and entry;
4. performing other functions assigned by competent authorities or stipulated by other laws and administrative regulations.

In recent years, with the deepening of the construction of Shanghai international finance and shipping center, the successful hosting of Shanghai World Expo and the profound influence of 'Expo Effect', Shanghai has witnessed a rapid economic growth and an unprecedented increase in exit and entry activities. Shanghai Immigration Inspection is correspondingly confronted with a rapid rise in the volume of passengers and means of transportation, and an increasingly complicated and severe situation. Always keeping in mind the three important political and social responsibilities of Public Security organs in periods of strategic opportunity, and adhering to the principles of "building up police with politics, administrating police with system, strengthening police with science and technology, treating police with preferentiality", Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection insists on social management innovation, grasps every opportunity for improvement and continuously enhances the comprehensive strength of safeguarding national security and political stability as well as contributing to socio-economic development, and has successfully completed a series of inspection tasks for international conferences and events with high quality, including APEC meeting, SCO summit, Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo.

To safeguard social harmony and stability during the 12th Five-Year Plan period and respond to the increase in exit and entry activities, Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection will firmly carry out the orders of the Party committee of the Ministry of Public Security and the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration, continuously emphasizing quality service at all times while ensuring smooth flow of passengers and maintaining stringent immigration control. Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection will promote the building of service concepts, professional competence and professionalism, known as "three pillars" at full force, continuously cultivate the career spirit of "faithful & reliable, credible & courteous, fair & incorruptible, progressive & devoted", foster the sound image of "exemplary gateway to our socialist civilization" and vigorously contribute to national security and Shanghai's economic development.