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CIIS Offer Sound Service for World’s Largest Container Ship


On the afternoon of June 13, Chongming Immigration Inspection Station (CIIS) conducted border control services for the world’s largest container ship COSCO Shipping Universe upon its delivery and ensured its smooth and punctual departure.

Upon receiving the request to initiate the delivery of the new ship, CIIS spared no time in putting together an inspection team comprising only the best officers. Led by a senior officer on duty, the team climbed aboard the ship, checked the crew list, conducted face-document photo comparisons for 24 crew members and inspected the ship body. The swift and efficient service afforded by CIIS officers ensured the smooth and punctual departure of the ship and received positive feedbacks from the ship’s owner and agent.

According to report, COSCO Shipping Universe is 400 meters long and 58.6 meters wide, with a maximum draft of 16 meters and a design speed of 22 knots. It has a dead-weight of 198,000 tons and can carry a maximum of 21,237 TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) of standard cargo. It is the first to come among a series of 6 21000TEU container ships and the largest of its kind so far in China. It has also been hailed as the ‘largest container ship in the known universe’ for being one of the largest container ships in terms of TEU capacity. The ship will soon appear along the route connecting the Far East and the western/northern Europe, effectively becoming an emissary and a name card for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and serve as a robust force in the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative.