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MPS Roll Out 8 Facilitative Measures for Exit and Entry Personnel


In order to further facilitate the application for exit-entry documents and clearance of border control procedures, the Ministry of Public Security of P.R.C. is to roll out a set of 8 facilitative measures on February 1, 2018.

As far as foreign travelers to China are concerned, half of the 8 measures could potentially ease their border clearance experience.

Measure No. 5 Provide applicants with photo-taking services for applying exit-entry documents free of charge.

All application counters are to offer photo-taking service to applicants free of charge (not including physical photos). Application counters that are not properly equipped to offer photo-taking service to all applicants should still offer such service to those applicants who fail to bring their ID photos or whose ID photos do not match the standard as specified in 'Guidelines for Exit and Entry Document ID Photos' (not including physical photos).

Measure No. 6 Provide Chinese expats with convenient visa, residence and stay services.

For those Chinese expats who visit relatives, conduct business activities, engage in science, culture, health-related or personal affairs in China, exit and entry administration bureaus can issue them multi-entry visas of no more than 5 years of validity in accordance with relevant regulations; for those Chinese expats who need to reside in China long-term due to employment, study, visiting relatives or personal affairs, exit and entry administration bureaus can issue them residence permits of no more than 5 years of validity in accordance with relevant regulations.

Measure No.7 Vigorously promote self-service border clearance services.

Border control authorities nationwide shall step up the construction of automated border control lanes. In 2018, the number of passenger ports equipped with automated border control lanes is expected to account for half of the country's total and the number of exit and entry personnel using automated border control lanes for half of all exit and entry personnel.

Measure No. 8 Provide passengers using automated border control lanes with self-services of printing their own exit-entry travel records statements.

Those Chinese and foreign travelers who use automated border control lanes to clear exit or entry border control procedures, can obtain a printout of their latest exit or entry travel record statement free of charge by self-service kiosks installed close to automated border control lanes. Such a statement of travel records enjoys the same effect as an exit or entry stamp affixed to a passenger’s travel document.